BONUS Episode: Turning Tax into Profits with Alan Chen

This is a bonus episode in which we are welcoming Alan Chen from Alan specializes in bookkeeping services for ecommerce businesses to discuss how you can turn your taxes into profits. Ivana, Raoul and Alan discuss knowing what deductions can save you money, making more usable money, and doing business in the states as a foreign business owner.


Topics covered in the episode:

–      The benefits of hiring a professional to do your accounting and bookkeeping.

–      Alan’s background in accounting and ecommerce.

–      Understanding the difference between your income and your margins.

–      Common mistakes ecom owners make relating to their accounts.

–      Little known deductions you can take advantage of next time you file.

–      What to do if you are outside of the states and want to establish in the US.

–      Understanding different states regulations and sales taxes.

–      How Alan and can help you establish an LLC in the states.

–      Ivana’s story of setting up business in the US.

–      How Alan has built up his business.

–      Knowing if and when you should set up and LLC in the US.

–      Alan’s views on the profit first strategy for ecom owners.

–      What services Alan and offer.

–      How you can easily bring down your expenses.

–      Knowing your numbers to grow your business.

–      What can happen if you don’t file your taxes.


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