Google Marketing Live 2021 – Biggest Takeaways For Advertisers

Ivana and Raoul are talking about Google Marketing Live, Google I/O, and what the information presented at each event means for ecommerce. They get into advertising automation, how data driven attribution campaigns are going to be improving, and the integration of ShopPay to Google. This new integration is going to change the game.

Topics covered in this episode:

–      Performance Max campaigns: what are they and what do they mean for Google ads and automation?

–      The importance of being agile and adaptable to new technologies.

–      What has facilitated the migration from Facebook ads to YouTube?

–      How Google are helping to improve ads on YouTube.

–      The dangers of too many touch points.

–      Being aware of frequency capping and avoiding competing with yourself.

–      What are data driven attribution campaigns?

–      The updates to data driven attribution models at Google.

–      How Google is going to show smart campaign options to users.

–      Maximizing YouTube ad campaign impact.

–      Getting over the need for instant gratification.

–      The addition of navigational ads to Google Maps.

–      Ivanna’s favourite addition to ad extensions.

–      The announcement of ShopPay integration to Google services.

–      How Google is curating stores.

–      Why you shouldn’t create your business based on someone else’s platform.

–      Changes to brand match type for search campaigns.

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