Retargeting Prospects Without Chasing Them Away

In today’s episode, Ivana and Raoul discuss remarketing, what it is and how you can do it well. We’ll hear about creating long-term strategies to retain clients instead of driving them away, understanding your audience, and why discounts aren’t always the answer.


Topics covered in this episode:

–      How to avoid training people to wait for your discounts.

–      The limiting belief that people won’t buy your product without lowering the price.

–      Understanding that your business cannot grow if you offer continual discounts.

–      Why the BOGO discount is the worst discount you can offer.

–      Customer retention versus customer acquisition cost.

–      Understanding the average customer buying cycle.

–      Knowing your customer turning rate over time and how to use that data.

–      Nurturing your community and building brand connection.

–      How to use discounts effectively.

–      Sales and attraction marketing.

–      The danger of being viewed as a commodity.

–      How to get your customer base involved with your product as a way of remarketing.

–      What should the frequency cap be on your re-marketing impressions?

–      Why you only need to be 1% smarter than your competition.

–      Making user experience your number one priority.

–      Humanizing products and brands to create connection.

–      Why you don’t necessarily need multi-step marketing and over complicated ideas.

–      Showing how your product enhances your customers life through marketing.

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