How Getting Things Done Changed My Life

In today’s episode, Ivana and Raoul discuss the art of getting things done and creating a system for productivity. Topics include dealing with burnout and overwhelm, creating a time management system outside of your own brain, and making sure your to-do lists are realistic.


Topics covered in this episode:

–      Raoul’s breakthrough moment.

–      How Raoul began to utilize the skillsets outlined in ‘Getting Things Done’ by David Allen.

–      Avoiding distractions.

–      The importance of having an accountability system.

–      Analyzing what you need before you start.

–      Why your brain isn’t a time management tool and how to get around it.

–      Creating a system that is outside of your own brain that you can review everyday.

–      Overcoming your brains’ resistance to change.

–      How a coach can help you create change and avoid overwhelm.

–      Getting the tiny actions done that are needed to get big things moving.

–      Finding out what your priorities are.

–      Accounting for external factors.

–      Getting over rumination.

–      Why Ivana creates a thought dump list.

–      Why Raoul sets priorities instead of deadlines.

–      Creating realistic to-do lists.

–      Breaking tasks down into smaller parts.

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