3-Step Profitable Product Launch With Email Marketing – With Maila Zahid

In today’s episode, Ivana and Raoul are joined by Mila Zahid from Wild Cactus Studio to discuss how to profitably amplify your product launch with email. The three will get into what Mila does at Wild Cactus Studios, the 3 essential flows of email marketing, and why you need to have engaging calls to action.

Topics covered in this episode:

·       About Mila and Wild Cactus Studio as well as the kind of customers they serve.

·       Helping brands leverage more organic marketing through email.

·       Why brands are missing email marketing.

·       Where to start with your email marketing journey.

·       How email marketing differs depending on the age of your company.

·       The three essential flows in email marketing.

·       About post purchase emails and building connections.

·       Abandoned cart emails and how they can increase revenue.

·       Why people abandon their carts and how to overcome objections.

·       Determining how many emails should be in your flows.

·       Creating an educational journey for your customer.

·       Avoiding analysis paralysis in your marketing.

·       Social media marketing vs email marketing.

·       Pattern interrupts in marketing.

·       The three phases of product launches.

·       The importance of early access perks.

·       Best practices to track campaign effectiveness.


Connect with Mila: mila@wildcactus.studio

Website: https://wildcactus.studio/

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