Accelerate Your Growth Using The Voice of Your Customers – With Andrya Allen

Today’s guest is Andrya Allen, Founder of Vox Verba, which is a marketing data insight tool that applies the use of qualitative research and positive psychology. In this episode, Andrea shares how using your customers’ language can amplify the growth of your business. We’ll also hear about brand archetypes and why Andrya thinks they are often used incorrectly.


Topics covered in this episode:

–   Why you should invest in customer relationships. 

–   Using the customer voice to help build up a brand.   

–      How qualitative research is used in the Vox Verba approach.

–      Why using positive psychology and positive sentiments in marketing matters.

–      The danger of having rigid brand guidelines.

–      What an archetype is and how are they used in marketing.

–      The process Andrya uses to find the dominant brand voice and key messages.

–      More on qualitative data and the code of reliability in analyzing data. 

–      What Andrya suggests is an optimal data set.

–      What to use if you don’t have customer data to use.

–      The principles Vox Verba uses in data analysis.

–      How Carl Jung’s psychology can be applied to business.

–      How Vox Verba finds and attracts clients.

–      Using your customers' language in email marketing to increase conversions.

–      Real world examples of brand archetypes.

–      How archetypes influence brands externally and internally.

–      What happens when a brand fails to be aligned with their message.


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