Building Landing Pages for eCommerce – with Ian Schechter

In today’s episode, Ivana is joined by Ian Schechter, an author and ecommerce business owner. They will discuss building your landing page and how to create an inviting and functional experience for your customers.

They get into the importance of copy, creating an attention-grabbing landing page, and why you don’t need to have the best page, just a better one than your competitors.

Topics covered in this episode:

–      Defining a landing page.

–      How landing pages drive traffic.

–      Common mistakes people make when building landing pages.

–      The importance of good copywriting.

–      How load speed affects bounce rate.

–      Why you need the right people on your team to help create your landing page.

–      How a great layout can help disguise mediocre copy and lead people to your product.

–      Creating visible opportunities for potential customers to purchase from you.

–      Knowing your competitors landing pages, and aiming to be better.

–      Why you need a return policy and what it should encompass.

–      About Ian’s book Breathe, Focus, Attack.

–      Optimizing your time to take your first step.


Find out more about Ian here:

Purchase Ian’s book here: Breathe, Focus, Attack by Ian Schechter

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