Dealing with and Preventing Merchant Center Suspensions

We’re keeping on topic with Google today, as Ivana and Raoul discuss Google Shopping, Google Merchant Centre, and account suspensions.

We hear about common mistakes made with Google Merchant accounts, why accounts are getting suspended more, how to appeal account suspension, and creating a transparent and honest company profile.

Topics covered in this episode:

–      What Google Merchant Centre does.

–      The reason behind the current trend of increased account suspensions.

–      How the algorithm is advancing and getting better at detecting fraudulent activity.

–      The importance of understanding the strict guidelines of Google Merchant Centre.

–      How the algorithm determines if an account is fraudulent.

–      The most common reasons an account can be suspended.

–      The importance of regular error checking in your feed.

–      Having transparent company information to create trust with your client and Google.

–      Making your company information easily accessible.

–      Understanding that Google wants to make money and protect its users.

–      Ensuring you’re using the correct language for your targeted audience.

–      Why you should never hide your poor reviews.

–      Making sure all your policies are easily accessible.

–      How to correctly use a lead magnet.

–      What you need to do if you are selling health products.

–      Print-on-demand businesses and Google Merchant.

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