Email Copywriting Tips and a 11-Day Black Friday Cyber Monday Email Promo

This week, Ivana and Raoul are joined once again by Nabeel Azeez, a direct response copywriter and co-owner of Dropkick Copy based out of Dubai. Today they discuss email copywriting tips and an email campaign you can implement to boost your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Ivana, Raoul, and Nabeel discuss creating a continuous customer experience using your email campaigns, creating impactful subject lines, and Nabeel’s 10-day email sequence for Black Friday.

Topics covered in this episode:

–      Where people can most improve their email campaigns.

–      The problem with perpetual discounting and how it affects your brand.

–      Creating a continuous customer experience

–      Capitalizing on the Black Friday consumer mindset.

–      How to create impactful email subject lines.

–      Utilizing preview text.

–      Why you should never assume people want to read your emails, and how to entice them to.

–      Promoting the benefits of what you offer using your call to action.

–      Should you use images and gifs in the body of your email?

–      Preventing your emails from ending up in spam folders.

–      How to start an email campaign from scratch.

–      Creating a lead magnet that’s relevant for who you want to target.

–      Nabeel’s 10-day email sequence for Black Friday.

–      Overcoming the fear of the unsubscribe.

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