Ethically Scaling Your Dropshipping Business – with Yaron Been

Yaron Been joins as our guest in this episode. He is the owner of EcomXFactor, and will be discussing what it really means to be a successful entrepreneur. 

Ivana, Raoul, and Yaron get into what it takes to become successful, creating success the ethical way, and finding a balance between work and maintaining an independent lifestyle. 

Topics covered in this episode: 

–      Scaling a 7-figure business whilst being location independent. 

–      How Yaron came to ecommerce. 

–      Developing a business while still working a day job. 

–      Creating an honest ecommerce consultancy. 

–      When Yaron realized he could leave the 9-5 grind. 

–      Creating a collaborative business with your spouse. 

–      Why you should outsource sooner rather than later. 

–      Having a mindset of curiosity and learning. 

–      How to know who to hire. 

–      How Yaron and his wife manage customer support. 

–      Why Yaron looks at ethics over profits. 

–      Finding suppliers and creating a good relationship with them. 

–      The challenges of creating a business while working a 9-5. 

–      Knowing your why. 

–      Avoiding shiny object syndrome. 

–      Building an independent lifestyle. 

–      Picking payment gateways for your business. 

–      How Yaron helps beginners learnt he foundations of creating a business. 


Find out more about Yaron and EcomXFactor here: 

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