Help, Google Analytics 4 is There!

In today’s episode, Ivana and Raoul discuss the upcoming changes with Google Analytics and how the replacement service will look.

Together, Ivana and Raoul explain the importance of understanding statistics before trying to utilize them, new features in Google Analytics 4, and what to do ahead of the full rollout to prepare your business.

Topics covered in this episode:

–      About the new Google Analytics 4.

–      How to properly utilize the reports available with Google Analytics.

–      How Ivana’s clients use Google Analytics reports.

–      The dangers of focusing only on Google Analytics and not other data.

–      Understanding what the statistics mean.

–      Why you need to start with a question before diving into statistics.

–      Taking this rollout as an opportunity to streamline and learn about your analytics.

–      What features are currently available and currently missing from Google Analytics 4. 

–      How the new Google Analytics relates to Shopify.

–      What you need to do to set up your own property with Google Analytics 4.

–      Why you should start looking at the new features now.

–      Is the bounce rate actually important?

–      Cross-domain tracking.

–      Creating a more user-friendly interface.

–      Steps to take as an ecommerce business ahead of the changes.

–      Separating internal and external traffic.

–      Improving data delivery speed.

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