How to Deal with Disappointment

In todays episode, Ivana and Raoul discuss dealing with disappointments in both your personal life and business. Everyone faces disappointment in some aspect of their life eventually, the question is how do you overcome it?

Some things that come up in this episode are what causes disappointment, creating clarity to change your perspective, and the importance of having a healthy support system.

Topics covered in this episode:

– How high expectations lead to disappointment.

– The personal impact of disappointment.

– Ivana’s biggest disappointment of the last few years.

– How to overcome the feeling of helplessness when disappointment strikes.

– Protecting your sphere of influence from negativity.

– Raoul’s biggest disappointment of the last few years.

– Creating space for the negative feelings without dwelling on them.

– Putting things in perspective and maintaining balance.

– Learning to embrace change.

– Why you should avoid placing blame on yourself and others.

– Breaking out of the disappointment of stagnating.

– Escaping the negative feedback loop.

– Learning to utilize your support group in a healthy way.

– The perils of cheerleaders.

– How to keep personal and professional disappointments separate.

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