How to Make YouTube Ads Work for Your Ecommerce business

In today's episode, Ivana is still on holiday and Raoul is once again joined by his business partner Vincent. The topic of discussion this time is YouTube ads.

Facebook ads, Google ads and YouTube ads – they’re all the same right? Wrong. Each platform has a different type of audience and you need to strategize accordingly. So, what do you do differently for YouTube? Together, Raoul and Vincent tackle targeting campaigns, direct response and offering solutions with your products.

Topics covered in this episode:

– The expanding reach of YouTube

– Do YouTube ads work for ecommerce businesses?

– Understanding what people are coming to YouTube for

– Ensuring your ad campaigns have a more direct response for ecommerce

– Examples of what businesses do well with YouTube ads

– Learning to reverse engineer what works

– Why Facebook content doesn’t work for YouTube

– Creating high engagement and relatable content

– The best framework for ads on YouTube

– Why the first 5 seconds are extremely important

– Narrowing your target audience

– How to set up YouTube ad campaigns for the first time

– The importance of keywords and understanding how they relate to potential customers

– Optimizing your frequency settings

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