How to Vet Your Next and Best Paid Ads Partner

In today’s episode, Ivana is on holiday and Raoul is joined by his business partner Vincent. Fittingly, the topic of discussion in this episode is partnerships. You can’t build a business alone, so how do you build your team and create strong and meaningful outside collaborations?

You’ll hear the answers to these questions from two people who understand the importance of teams. Together, Raoul and Vincent tackle partnerships, how to create them, and how to maintain them.

Topics covered in this episode:

– How Raoul and Vincent met and a bit about their business.

– The importance of collaboration.

– Understanding how to budget your hours in agency while maximizing them.

– The advantages of prioritizing client relationships over sales.

– How to set accurate expectations for clients and why it is important.

– Why trust is the best business model.

– Success is a behavior: Learn what works and then act on it.

– Understanding that clients have to be invested in you for partnerships to work.

– Why you need to stop prioritizing instant gratification results.

– How to win the trust of previously burned clients.

– Looking beyond superficial optics and looking at value alignment when creating new partnerships.

– Why you need to reflect on past partnerships to forge new ones.

– How to hire: Valuing cultural alignment over resumes.

– Avoiding complacency with your clients.

– The importance of educating and onboarding your clients.

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