(Re)finding your Energy by Reflection

The Ecommerce Independent Podcast tackles the ecommerce world and helps you build your own business while sharing experiences and tips to help you tackle your fears. Hosts Ivanna Petrovich and Raoul van Heerden are experienced ecommerce entrepreneurs that have built their agencies from the ground up. They’re here to tell you how they did it and how you can join them.

In todays episode, Ivanna and Raoul discuss energy. With a busy lifestyle, it can be difficult to maintain energy and motivation on a day to day basis. The key is to be present and aware of where your time goes and how it makes you feel.

Together, Ivanna and Raoul tackle the simple foundations to put in place to maximize your energy, hacks for low energy moments, and how low energy periods can affect you. We also hear about changes they have made in their businesses to increase their efficiency.

Topics covered in this episode:

– Ivanna’s usual energy hacks.

– How inaccessibility to those hacks impacts Ivanna.

– Raoul’s use of meditation.

– Recognizing when you are expending too much energy on problem clients.

– The tortoise and the hare: The quickest way isn’t necessarily the best.

– Understanding the physical and mental toll of being overwhelmed.

– The danger of emotional feedback loops and how to break them.

– The role of the Ego in overworking.

– The relationship between biology and energy.

– Creating a solid physical and mental foundation to maintain energy.

– Honest time tracking: Where are you spending your time and how does it make you feel?

– Creating work/life boundaries.

– Learning to listen to the signals from your mind and body.

– The importance of giving yourself permission to take a break.

– Practicing active reflection.

– The sustainability of your workload.

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