The Ecomm Mistakes You Can Prevent Series – Part 1

This episode is focused on some of the most common mistakes in ecommerce. As an entrepreneur starting out in any industry, mistakes are unavoidable. Ivana and Raoul lend you some of their firsthand experience to help you learn what to avoid, and where to invest.

Some topics of discussion in today’s episode are the biggest mistakes you can make as an ecommerce entrepreneur, the importance of having a fully developed brand identity, and how good business practices can be applied to a good marriage!

Topics covered in this episode:

– The most overlooked elements that can make or break an online business.

– How to minimize your web page’s load time, without sacrificing on design.

– Doing market research and knowing your target audience.

– How to optimize each element of your website to tell your brand story.

– The importance knowing your unique selling proposition, and clearly communicating it.

– How a personal connection can turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers.

– Working with programmers, designers, and marketing specialists.

– How a personal connection is the difference between one-time shoppers and loyal customers.

– Questions to ask yourself while developing your brand identity.

– How to create a memorable website through user experience design.

– How to build your brand around your own personal sense of purpose.

– Tips and tricks for bringing new customers to your business.

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