The Ecomm Mistakes You Can Prevent Series – Part 2

In today’s episode, Ivana and Raoul continue the discussion about the most overlooked mistakes people make in ecommerce. There are plenty of areas that are neglected in ecommerce, but how can you easily switch focus and drive your business’ growth?

Creating and building brand loyalty, enhancing the customer experience, and targeting your true audience are some of the topics our hosts get into today.

Topics covered in this episode:

–      Creating brand loyalty and a repeat customer base.

–      How Ivana is investing in building brand loyalty.

–      Why product inserts are effective marketing tools.

–      Enhancing the customer shopping experience.

–      The importance of an easily navigable landing page.

–      Creating an effective re-marketing sequence.

–      Preventing buyer’s remorse.

–      Why you should under promise and over deliver.

–      How packaging can impact the customer experience.

–      Building human connections with your audience.

–      Targeting the correct audience for your product.

–      Understanding the needs of your target market.

–      Increasing traffic conversion on your website.

–      Creating added value for all your customers.

–      Tailoring your message for your market.

–      The importance of focusing on building connections over making transactions. 

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