The Ecomm Mistakes You Can Prevent Series – Part 3

In today’s episode, Ivana and Raoul continue the discussion about the most overlooked mistakes people make in ecommerce. This week’s focus is on ad campaigns and KPIs. How do you know what metrics to track and how to apply that data?

Some discussions in this edition include the importance of tracking your conversions, which KPIs to focus on, and when and where to start when setting up an ad campaign for your business.

Topics covered in this episode:

–      Raoul’s thoughts on linking Google Ads and Google Analytics.

–      Why it is important to import data from Google Analytics.

–      How changes in Google Analytics has impacted purchase data.

–      Common mistakes businesses make in their global tags.

–      Why you get less benefit from constantly switching marketers.

–      The necessity of having proper tracking to make your KPIs count.

–      Why you should be tracking your costs as much as your profits.

–      When to switch focus.

–      Understanding your goals to fix what needs to be focused on.

–      Creating short-term strategies based off of your long-term ones.

–      Knowing which KPIs are important for your specific business and level.

–      Understanding the relationship between KPIs and outcomes in your business.

–      Using KPIs to keep up with the competition.

–      The top 3 campaigns to run depending on your business.

–      Contextualizing your metrics.

–      Where to start when building your ad campaign.

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