The Major Misconceptions about Magento, A/B Testing and UX – with Guido Jansen

Ivana and Raoul are joined by Guido in this episode. He is a cognitive psychologist, consultant, and someone prolific and supportive of the Magento community. This week’s focus is on the Magento platform and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Along with Ivana and Raoul’s insights, Guido explains when to use Magento, the pros and cons of the open-source version of Magento, and how to accurately test and improve your CRO.

Topics covered in this episode:

–      Why you should give Magento a chance.

–      When to choose Magento for your business.

–      The best use cases for Magento.

–      The pros and cons of the open-source version.

–      Ivana’s business relationship with Magento.

–      The importance of working with knowledgeable developers.

–      Where to find qualified Magento devs.

–      Where to start when migrating platforms.

–      Weighing the cost of changing platforms versus staying where you are.

–      The best time to consider conversion rate optimization.

–      How to create effective testing for your site.

–      Problem solving usability issues.

–      Identifying frustration points of users.

–      Evaluating the results of testing based on your business goals.

–      Improving the lifetime value for your customer.

–      Where to start improving your website experience.

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