The Necessary iOS14 Update Episode

In today’s episode, Ivana and Raoul discuss the iOS 14 update and how it could potentially affect entrepreneurs. They’ll get into data collection, the importance of giving conscious permission for it, and what you should start looking at ahead of the update rollout.


Topics covered in this episode:

–      The uncertainty that the iOS 14 update presents for entrepreneurs.

–      Apple’s statement on the release features of iOS 14.

–      How Apple counters third party tracking.

–      Application permissions and data collection.

–      Conscious confirmation and what it means in marketing.

–      What are the characteristics of the average citizen and how do they impact permissions?

–      How wording affects the likelihood of gaining permission to collect data.

–      Communicating to the user how data is utilized.

–      The difference between audience-based analysis and intention-based analysis.

–      Why now is the right time to look at new strategies.

–      What is IDFA and how can it help in re-marketing?

–      What Ivanna is doing to prepare her clients for the update.

–      The difference between third- and first-party data.

–      The benefits of service ad tracking.

–      Differences in the way each platform presents ads and collects data.

–      Which channel will be affected most by the potential changes?

–      How will this update affect Google and Android?

–      Analyzing iOS vs Android users.

–      Creating connection through data collection.

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