Usability as the Ultimate SEO Strategy for eCommerce

In today’s episode, Raoul is off while Ivana is joined by Nedim Sabic, an SEO consultant based in Stuttgart, Germany. Nedim is here to discuss how he ended up as an SEO expert, common SEO misunderstandings, and how to make an informative landing page.

Some of the conversations today are centered around usability, emerging SEO trends, understanding user intent, and why Shopify and SEO just don’t mix.

Topics covered in this episode:

–      How Nedim began creating websites at the age of 16.

–      Becoming a self-taught SEO expert at a time when no one was paying attention.

–      Nedim’s experience studying and working in Germany.

–      Why Nedim decided to step away from his 5 companies and go back to consulting.

–      How Nedim plans to utilize his knowledge by starting his own ecom business in 2021.

–      The importance of usability in your sites.

–      Learning that you don’t need to innovate, you just need to find a niche.

–      Filtering through the noise to find the correct information about SEO.

–      Common SEO misunderstandings.

–      The 2 most important aspects of SEO: psychology and usability.

–      Creating concise product descriptions.

–      The differences between SEO and SEA.

–      Finding out what keywords create the best ROI.

–      Understanding user intent.

–      Creating an informative landing page.

–      Optimizing for search engines other than Google.

–      How SEO could change in 2021.

–      Shopify and SEO.

–      The importance of continued investment in new technologies.


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