Wearing All the Hats in Your Business Does More Harm Than Good

The Ecommerce Independent Podcast tackles the ecommerce world and helps you build your own business while sharing experiences and tips to help you tackle your fears. Hosts Ivana Petrovic and Raoul van Heerden are experienced ecommerce entrepreneurs that have built their agencies from the ground up. They’re here to tell you how they did it and how you can join them.

Ivana and Raoul are discussing the importance of implementing strong Standard Operating Procedures in this episode. They also share how to overcome the pain points you may face while creating new processes. If you have been struggling to implement solid, scalable SOPs then stay tuned to discover vital recommendations.

We hear Ivana and Raoul talk about their different experiences creating SOPs, the importance of strong communication with your employees and the danger of wearing too many hats.

Topics covered in this episode:

– Minimizing stress in the workplace.

– The importance of practicing awareness in your processes.

– Understanding what methodology works for you: Do you work better with or without routine?

– How streamlining Standard Operating Procedures increases efficiency.

– How easy is it to adopt the new SOP?

– The importance of transparent communication between team members.

– Creating procedures that stick.

– The detriment of wearing too many hats.

– Learning how to delegate to free up your time.

– Embracing automation to increase your growth.

– Overcoming your fears and control issues.

– The necessity of time management.

– Journaling and reviewing your processes for greater insight.

– Utilizing technology for systems integration.

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