What Almost All eCommerce Businesses do Wrong with Google Shopping

The Ecommerce Independent Podcast tackles the ecommerce world and helps you build your own business while sharing experiences and tips to help you tackle your fears. Hosts Ivana Petrovic and Raoul van Heerden are experienced ecommerce entrepreneurs that have built their agencies from the ground up. They’re here to tell you how they did it and how you can join them.

This time, Ivana and Raoul discuss how to properly utilize pay-per-click marketing and Google ads to yield faster and greater results for your business. Implementing SEO is fine, but it isn’t going to get you where you want to be compared to your competitors.

Together, they tackle managing product feeds, setting up Google Shopping and creating intentional keywords to bring in the right clients for you.

Topics covered in this episode:

– Why SEO shouldn’t be your main focus.

– How to validate your site by pushing relevant traffic.

– How to gauge if your product is a market fit.

– Utilizing Facebook Ad responses to quantify product interest.

– Implementing Google Ads to bring in relevant traffic.

– Improving your bounce rates by having a fast and user-friendly site.

– How Google Shopping is outshining Google Ads and why it might be time to switch.

– Understanding how Google Search Ads work.

– Setting up Google Shopping for the first time.

– The importance of managing your product feed.

– Explaining Smart Shopping and why it may be time to leave it behind.

– Managing Google Shopping keywords.

– How to create intentional keywords to drive the right traffic to your store.

– Analyzing product performance and fixing underperforming categories.

– Optimizing products for longevity.

– The importance of a functional and striking landing page. 

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