What Makes a Report a Good Report

Ivana and Raoul discuss reports and how to utilize them for your success. Which reports are relevant to your business and how often do you need to run them? Our hosts are going to answer this for us today.

Additionally, we’ll hear about whether or not visuals matter when it comes to reports, why you need to include actionable data, and why micro-managing can be so detrimental to your business.

Topics covered in this episode:

–      Do visuals in reports actually matter?

–      Creating reports with functional design.

–      Understanding what you want to report and why.

–      Streamlining reports to include useful and actionable data.

–      How to utilize the metrics provided by reports.

–      Using reports as a measure of success.

–      How to use reports to test new strategies.

–      Why agencies and clients need to have a trusting partnership.

–      How effective communication between all parties can affect report quality.

–      Where does micro-managing stem from?

–      How micro-managing can harm your business.

–      Remembering to focus on the big picture.

–      Acknowledging and accepting risk as part of the business.

–      Creating enough data sets to have statistical significance.

–      Honing in on the relevance of the reports you are running.

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