What the Real Focus Should Be When Running a 7figure/Month in eCommerce

Today, Ivana is joined by guest Gabriel Gascon to discuss starting out in online marketing and how to scale up your strategy as you grow. Having your business unexpectedly grow is great, but what do you do if you haven’t prepared for the demand? Don’t worry, all hope is not lost if you find yourself dealing with this situation.

Together, Ivana and Gabriel tackle scaling Facebook ads, ensuring you have backup fulfillment centers, and getting over distractions and to make things happen.

Topics covered in this episode:

– How Gabriel got his start in online marketing.

– Why he tends to work with Facebook ads over Google.

– What Gabriel’s ideal client looks like.

– Scaling ads to suit your business’ changing needs.

– Action steps to solve inventory issues due to sudden demand.

– The importance of building good relationships with your suppliers.

– Having a backup fulfillment center in place and the relief it can bring.

– Investing in conversions.

– Strengthening your backend to take advantage of opportunities.

– Why, as a CEO, you should work on your business, not in it.

– Learning when and what work to delegate.

– Overcoming marketplace distractions and staying on task.

– Why you need project management systems.

– Empowering your team to make decisions.

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