Why You Don’t Need a Google Partner Anymore

Ivana and Raoul discuss what it means to be a Google Partner along with the ins and outs of what being a partner is in this episode.

They explore what Google expects of its partners, whether it’s even worth being a partner, and how the qualification criteria to become a certified Google Partner has changed.


Topics covered in this episode:

–      Ivanna’s experience of becoming a Google Partner.

–      How Raoul became a Google Partner.

–      Becoming certified as a qualified professional.

–      The different tiers of the Google Partner program.

–      What is the true value of Google certifications?

–      The pitfalls of the certification process.

–      What are the key changes in qualification criteria to become Google Partner?

–      The impacts of criteria change on local businesses.

–      How company spend is currently gauged and how it is changing.

–      The problem with Google’s new recommendation threshold.

–      Treading the line between what your clients want and what Google wants.

–      Why getting rid of Google representatives that aide businesses is a detriment.

–      What you need to consider before implementing changes.

–      How Google is shifting away from working with businesses.

–      The disadvantages of Smart shopping campaigns.

–      Communicating changes to your clients.

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